Photos by Michael Thumand

Sea cable landing project

Published: November 26, 2012

All of Greenland’s phone lines and internet is connected to the rest of the world via the sea cable. It is in fact two cables – one from Denmark (via Iceland) and one from Canada. The cables are resting on the seabed until they reach shore in Nuuk (south of the hospital).

Occasionally the ice is pushed north and unto the shore thereby damaging the cables. The repair costs are substantial and therefore Tele Greenland decided to launch a huge and one of a kind project to avoid further damages.

The solution was to drill two bores from land down through the bedrock and out in the fjord. Then the cables were pulled through the bores. Each bore is about 1100 meters and is drilled in an angle of approx. 10 degree thereby exiting in the fjord at a depth of approx. 220 meters.

The project was completed on November 26, 2012.

The pictures are from the drilling site south of the hospital and the cable ship.