Photos by Michael Thumand

Hunting at Kangerlussuaq

Published: August 4, 2015

During Easter 2013 I went hunting with a friend at Kangerlussuaq – a small city in Greenland not far from the Inland ice. My aim was to shoot a musk ox, but not the largest one. The reason is that the large oxen are not tasty. Though their meat are not wasted, but rather fed to dogs, I preferred to shoot the ox with the purpose of eating it and preserving the hide. I succeed with my aim.

The meat tasted very good and the hide was very pretty. Now I am waiting for it to be preserved.

I also got the chance to hunt for snow rabbits. We had spotted an eagle circling above a hillside with 7 or 9 snow rabbits looking for cover. I managed to use the opportunity to sneak within shooting range. It was a unique and fantastic experience – as you can tell from the last photograph.